G Plan Artists

G Plan Music is a subsidiary of G Plan Media. The Henry Nemo Tribute project was released in 2019 by G Plan Music. Gina Nemo & Billy Vera both perform on this tribute album. The album contains a few duets with Nemo & Vera as well as some of Henry Nemo’s biggest hits. Gina Nemo also sings one of Vera's songs on this album.

G Plan released Gina Nemo’s electronic album CICADA, E. Cousins album AMERICAN ROADS in 2014 and European artist Michael o’ Shimpl’s album KINSALE in 2015. G Plan Music also released the Austrian version of KINSALE internationally. Michael o’Shimpl played live at the FM4 Frequency Festival in St. Polten, Austria in September 2015. G Plan has also released Gina Nemo’s album CICADA (2014) and three of her audio poetry collections, STRINGS (poems from her first poetry book, 2013), SWOOP (2014) and Serenade (2015). Upcoming releases in 2017 are E. Cousins single MY HEART due out soon and a poetry music fusion album that will be released this summer.

G Plan Music is currently producing soundtracks for television pilots, films and commercials in 2020.

New from G Plan Music and Gina Nemo:


Michael o’Shimpl, the first European Artist signed to G Plan Music (a subsidiary of G Plan Media in the US), releases his first video for his song “Drah di um.” The video has already had over 6,000 views in a few days on-line. o’Shimpl is an exciting Austrian Musician/Performer and he is currently producing videos for the Austrian version of his album Kinsale (Steirisch). Both the American and Austrian versions of Kinsale were released worldwide by G Plan Music, a subsidiary of G Plan Media in 2015.

o’Shimpl is an accomplished musician and performer, playing electric, acoustic and bass guitars, often with an effects pedal. He is from Austria and has toured extensively in Central Europe, from Austria and Germany to France, Italy and Switzerland playing the major cities of Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Trieste, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Graz. Michael’s music is rooted in inspiration from the alt rock music scene, Counting Crows, Bill Janovitz of Buffalo, Nirvana, Lifehouse, Lydia and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20. And his New Age sound is in league with Damian Rice, Counting Crows, Lydia, Seven Mary Three and The Fray. He has played in many bands and projects with longtime friend Niki Lerch, particularly, Lurk, Slig, The Skill to Catch a Killer and Tiger Machine amongst others. In the past few years he was featured at the FM4 Frequency Festival in Vienna and also performed on the Barbara Karlich show in Austria. He has also played other venues around Austria. His next video for his song “Eden” will be out soon.


E. Cousins (aka Eddie Cousins) new single MY HEART from his upcoming album will be released on March 21st, 2017. E. Cousins fusion of poetry with electronica, piano, drums and violins is groundbreaking. Cousins is an experienced bass guitar musician, has written LP’s and music and toured extensively up and down the Atlantic Coast with heavy metal bands. “And then I found the love of poetry and spoken word. And I always knew or wanted to fuse the two together and it passionately took over my life.” Inspiration comes from Modern Poets, Charles Bukowski, T. S. Eliot, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, John Trudel, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost amongst others. Folk rock, blues and Americana music including Farm Dogs, Shawn Mullins, Kid Rock (acoustic), Chris Knight, Audrey Michelle, Saul Williams as well as spoken word music all play into his vision. "Trailblazer, Visionary, Americana's own Jesse James of spoken word and music fusion.” - Gina Nemo